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All my programs are available in ebook format (PDF) so you can get started straight away. A 90 day money back guarantee applies to all purchased programs, plus special features such as online support and video analysis.

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What you will not find are endless repetitive exercises containing movements that have nothing in common with efficient, natural activities.

My objective is to develop your vital skills of self-awareness and focus so whatever you do, you'll be able to do it well.

Whether you run, walk, play tennis or compete in a martial art, if you move efficiently with minimal effort, your body, mind and well-being will benefit tremendously. If you move badly you're in danger of causing injury and poor performance that can lead to frustration and inactivity - the opposite of what I'm sure you want to achieve.

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Free Fitness Program: 5 day online course

free fitness program

Not your usual fitness program! This 5 day course is delivered to your email in step-by-step modules. Each day you'll learn how to make movement easier to reduce the stresses and strains you unknowingly place on your body.

Discover how to get better results from your training by learning how to move with correct technique.

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Check Your Own Posture

Free download posture

I'm sure you will know that good posture is essential for your health and well-being, but what is good posture? Now you can check your own without high tech equipment with this 24 page step-by-step guide, now available to download free.

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What's Your Target?

goal setting

I have written a guide on how to set goals that will increase your chances of achieving your sporting ambition. Sometimes the most obvious goal may not the best one to set. Are you missing your targets due to poor goal setting?

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Fitness news, hints and tips to keep you informed and ahead of the competition. I take a radical approach to fitness and sports training issues - I won't bore you with the usual exercise and fitness stuff!

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FREE Fitness Program

online fitness course
Try my Body Awareness Fitness Program.

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Rowing Machine Workouts

rowing machine workout program
Get the best results from your rower with my new program.

Run For Your Life!

running program
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Run Faster, Further & Injury-Free!

running technique program
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Get A Fit Posture

posture program
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