How To Treat a Stiff Neck To Get Fast, Long-Lasting Relief

exercise for a stiff neck

The tips and techniques on this page for treating a stiff neck are based on my experience of working with thousands of people over the last 16 years.

There are many ways to find relief for this condition, but if you haven't correctly identified the cause, you could waste your time and money and see no improvement.

Further down this page you'll find a set of questions to help you work out what you need to do next.

But first, read the section below and try the simple exercise that can start to make a difference quickly for many who try it.

Keep It Simple!

I once saw a patient in my practice who had spent $4,000 over two years on treatments, painkillers and exercise therapists for their stiff neck without success.

This was because no one treated the cause - and that was how he moved and held his head!

Yet this is the most common cause I've seen in my all my years of practice.

Sounds too simple doesn't it.

Try This ...

But in his case, and many others, their stiff neck practically disappeared once they learnt this one simple lesson - it's not a trick and it won't cost you a penny. Have a go yourself and then come back here so we can continue.

I hope you found that quick exercise useful :0)

Let's move on. I've listed below, the most common causes along with the best solutions that should help you find relief for your neck.

Before you start on the checklist below, have a go at another one of my quick and simple technique for releasing muscle tension here, it takes only seconds to do.

If your doctor has not found a specific medical condition, and it's a regular problem, then it usually comes down to a single cause, and that's usually something you're doing to yourself to make it worse.

Try the questions below to help identify the cause.

Find The Cause
And You Have The Solution

1. Is today the first time you've had this problem?

     If 'NO' go to (2),   If 'YES':-
     And you also have a headache and high temperature, you should
     see your doctor. If you have a rash - see them immediately to rule
     out meningitis - see symptoms here.    OR

     If you woke up with a sore neck for the first time, see help for      stiffness in the morning, or check your sleeping posture, or your
     neck may be telling you it's time to change your bedding -
     see below

2. Have you had a problem with your neck for more than 3 months?

     If 'YES' go to (3),   If 'NO':-
     Are you under pressure at work? See dealing with stress.

     Do you spend more than 3 hours a day sitting at a PC? See how to
     improve your computer posture.

     If you've answered 'NO' to any of the above, see the suggestions
     relating to sleeping in (1) or see self help for your neck.

3. Have you tried any of the following without success?

     - Painkillers or muscle relaxants
     - Manual treatment from a physical therapist, chiropractor
       or osteopath
     - Massages
     - A new mattress or pillow
     - An ergonomic workplace assessment
     - A course of neck exercises

If you've already tried these with no success, and your doctor has not diagnosed a specific medical condition, your neck discomfort could be posture-related, see posture and neck pain

Seven More Ways To Eliminate A Stiff Neck:

1. Improve your posture >>>

2. Change your bedding >>>

3. Try massage or self help remedies >>>

4. Reduce or avoid stress >>>

5. Consult a complementary therapist >>>

6. A program of neck exercises >>>

7. Short term use of painkillers and muscle relaxants >>>

Roy Palmer MSTAT

Hi, I'm Roy Palmer and I have helped hundreds of people with whiplash or neck pain. I can often help them find relief where many other treatments have failed. I hope I can now do the same for you. I have listed below a number of options to find that much needed relief you are looking for, starting with finding the cause.

Remember - find the cause and you have the solution!

It is important that you seek a consultation with a qualified medical practitioner to rule out a serious medical condition before you consider other courses of action.

If you've found no specific reason for your neck problems have a look at the list of things you can try to get relief, or better still, get rid of your neck problem forever.

1. Get A Better Posture!

If the conventional approach of drugs or traditional neck exercises haven't helped - the cause could be something you're doing to yourself.

If no specific medical condition has been diagnosed, you could be carrying excessive tension in your neck and shoulders when you sit, stand, walk or during any of your daily activities.

Your conditon may be a result of your posture!

A poor posture puts a lot of unnecessary stress on your neck, shoulder and upper back muscles. If you're already out of shape and carrying tension in these muscles, exercises will invariably make it worse.

The video below for help on correcting your posture to relief neck aches and pains.

For more information, please see my pages on posture here.

2. Check Your Mattress And Pillow

Changing your pillow (or mattress) can be the quickest way to get relief for a stiff neck. An old pillow can lead to tension in your neck muscles if support is lacking. We spend a third of our life in bed so make sure you are comfortable and your neck is rested.

memory foam neck pillow
A mattress that doesn't provide the support in the right places can also lead to neck, shoulder and back pain.

The latest development in mattress technology to combat this problem is memory foam. Originally designed for astronauts by NASA, the hi-tech foam will mold itself to your unique body shape to give the best support exactly where its required.

When all parts of your body are supported, it's easier to release the tension you may have carried around with you for the whole day. And the good news - increased demand has brought the cost of memory foam within most peoples budgets.

For more information on this remarkable product plus help on choosing the right one for you, please click memory foam mattress. Sleep is vital for your well-being, further health problems may occur if you are not getting enough or it's interrupted by pain or discomfort.

Also consider using a memory foam pillow , it may initially feel a little strange but you will soon get used to it and your neck will thank you for it.

3. Massage/ Self Help

A good massage can help to relieve neck tension quickly. And although only temporary, it's still very welcome! A qualified massage therapist will be able to feel all the knots in your muscles and manipulate in a way to release them. If you don't have the time for regular visits to a therapist, you can learn a form of gentle self-massage from a number of good books - or ask your partner.
neck massage
There are many lotions and creams available over the counter or online.

A popular cream is
Tiger Balm, a natural alternative to painkillers.

4. Avoiding Stress

This is not easy in today's fast moving world. Stress will often cause the upper shoulder and neck muscles to tighten. This only has to be slight to start causing problems for the rest of your body. Your head weighs around 10 lbs and if pulled out of its natural position by your reaction to stress, your neck muscles have to work a little harder to keep you upright.

Stress can do a lot of damage to your mind and body! Learning self-help techniques to relieve stress can make a big difference. I have a number of relaxation techniques in my guide, please click here for more information.

Whilst it may be impossible to avoid stressful situations, it is possible to learn how to prevent a negative response that will lead to a neck tension - see stress and neck pain for more information.

5. Chiropractic And Other Therapies

When most people think about treatment for a stiff neck - this is one of the first options. An experienced therapist will check your neck and spine for misalignments that could be causing your discomfort. This can cost you time and money, but if it resolves your problem it's certainly money well spent. Your therapist may also offer advice on posture, nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity as a longer term solution.
shoulder massage for relaxation

Check your local directory to find a qualified therapist in your area.

6. Neck Exercises

In most cases I believe traditional exercises may even make your stiff neck worse! If you attempt to strengthen muscles that are already working too hard this will add more tension to your neck.

A better approach, in my view, is to find out why your neck muscles are stiff and sore.

My simple, new approach to exercises will show you how to build strength where it's needed (usually not in your neck) so you can reduce the tension inappropriately placed on your neck.

Try this quick exercise and see if it helps.

Many of us spend long hours sitting hunched over our computers and suffer neck, shoulder and back pain as a result.

My guide (see below) is specifically designed to get to the cause of your stiff neck fast.

It will show you how to release tension, relax your neck, shoulders and back, plus I can guarantee no one will have shown you these simple but very effective techniques before.

Before you start a course of neck exercises, it's worth checking your neck posture. A bad neck position is often a cause, and the result of poor postural habits.

Exercises to strengthen or balance neck muscles DON'T change these habits! Long-term relief for your neck can only be achieved once the habits have been recognized, address and changed.

To check yours, please see neck posture.

How To Treat A Stiff Neck - new techniques for fast relief.

Fast  Neck Pain Relief Guide

My guide contains exercises and techniques to help you discover what you're doing wrong to cause your stiff neck, show you how to correct it quickly and permanently.

It contains advice on how to sit poised at your desk to prevent the all too common aches and pains, how to deal with stress, relaxation techniques and easy, effortless posture tips.

Plus when you download my guide I'll include 3 more ebooks to help with your posture, stress and fitness!

For more information about my guide and complete program package please
click here.

7. Painkillers/ muscle relaxants

This option should only be viewed as a short-term approach just to give you some much needed relief. Painkillers will mask the problem but not solve it. Relaxants are only a temporary solution as they will not address the underlying cause.

New technology can now provide a drug-free approach to fast pain relief using micro-electric currents. For more information on these new products please click drug-free pain relief.

painkillers in a bottle
Many are put off using drugs for even short-term relief. Millions of people use muscle balms as a natural alternative to painkillers and relaxants see self-help for more information.

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