Vibration Plate Exercises: Getting The Most From Your Plate

There are hundreds of vibration plate exercises, that when used as part of a training program, will deliver quite spectacular results in a short space of time.

Unfortunately, many users of plates fail to see the full benefits - and there are many - because they use only a small range of exercises and positions.

This is a great shame, especially if you've just spent a lot of money on a top-of-the-range plate. It's like going to a fully equipped gymnasium and only using an exercise bike!

I've listed a sample below of the sort of exercises you can use on your plate. Please remember to consult your doctor before starting a new form of exercise.

Vibration plate exercises are not suitable for those suffering from a number of medical conditions, see my page on Whole Body Vibration for information.

The following sample are reproduced here with kind permission from PowrxUK Vibration Plates.

Please read my Disclaimer before you try them - sorry, but you know what it's like :0/

The Back Fly
Good for building strength in your back. Note - you'll need light dumbbells for this one.

vibration plate exercise

Stand with both feet on the plate facing away from the column.

Hold the dumbbells in each hand.

Begin to lean forward whilst keeping your back straight and knees slightly bent.

Lift both arms up and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Either repeat the movement of your arms, or hold the position for as long as is comfortable.

Standing Superman with Ball
Good for toning your legs. Note - if you don't have a ball, just extend your back leg.

vibration plate workout
Stand with your right foot in the middle of the plate.

Take the left leg behind and reach forward with a straight right arm.

If you have a soft ball, squeeze it between the upper and lower left leg (hamstring curl)

Hold this position for the duration of your timer interval.

Repeat on the other side.

Oblique Crunches
An advanced vibrating plate exercise for your stomach.

power plate exercise

Place an exercise mat (for comfort) on top of the plate and lie on it.

Make sure your upper body is not touching the platform but resting on a bench.

Angle your right leg and place your fingertips to the side of your ghead.

Lift your uppoer body until your left elbow touches the right knee.

Hold this position for as long as comfortable.

Go back to your starting position and repeat.

Repeat on opposite side.

These are just a small sample of the sort of vibrating plate exercises out there. I recommend you buy the full program (there are both Beginner and Advanced options) available from Amazon. See Powrx's Vibration Plate Exercises. on for details.

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